Love Hurts 

Love is said to be  what  keeps people alive,drives  them to greatness and fixes all the wrong in the world. But what if all  along we have been lied to? What if instead  it is the very thing that destroys us? Loving someone causes you constant pain. It allows a person the strings that either loosen up to let you breathe or tighten to kill you.Love blinds us in ways we never thought would be possible. We repeatedly make excuses for the ones we love. It could be your significant other, your father or anyone else you love dearly. You  are mentally attached  to them through your love towards them with thoughts of changing them. You keep replaying all the good memories together and wishing them into  existence again . Once in a while to take you by surprise they do happen and give you that small amount of happiness which erases the bad world around you. People you love will demolish you so many times that your foundation will get too broken to rebuild. Love is not supposed hurt, it is supposed to heal. Being told you’re terrible or unworthy by the one you love , I cannot put into words the feeling of pain that takes over. It’s like when you eat something  you’re allergic to and your throat closes up. You have trouble breathing or functioning . You feel like you will suffocate and die. It is fucking evil  in every sense of way. The people you love with bury you in the ground by using your love against them.


The Boy Who Stole My Heart

The Boy Who Stole My Heart

In all of my wildest dreams never did I envision myself loving someone as I do him. He has taken my heart and wrapped it around himself as his favorite blanket. I am at his mercy. I never understood the word “adore” as I do now. I adore every simple achievement and smile sent my way. I am so proud to call him my nephew. His smile alone could cure me of anything.